How to make something a solid when there seems to be no stray geometry

I am using Sketchup for schools (web version) and I am trying to make this tabletop a solid, I tried making it a group and it insists I can’t make it a solid (I triple clicked and then right clicked, and used that menu).

I tried making it a component and joining it with the legs. No dice.

I looked for any stray geometry, no luck there either. There doesn’t seem to be a way to find it, either. Any ideas out there?

(By the way, would someone, anyone, please retire the term “context clicking”? and burn to the ground all docs that contain the term? All it does is make everything ten times more confusing and ten times harder to figure out an answer when you look up questions, when you could just say “right click”! It’s a classic example of obscurantism, and it makes me irrationally angry).

BTW I am using the web version, There is no menu bar.

angle leg table .skp (228.8 KB)

Move the right front leg out of the way and you’ll see there’s a hole in the underside of the top. Trace and edge of the hole with the Line tool and then erase the edges.

Look closely at the back corners. There’s a bit of a jog between the radiused corner and the side of the top.

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thanks that helps! At least I can try and deal with this now. Appreciate the time and patience.