How to make an open cylinder solid?

Hello, for school is have to make a half cilinder. A half cilinder, so a open cilinder. A length cross-section I have to 3d print. How can I make a cilinder solid?

You need to apply a thickness. Try making an ofset to the arc and with the push and pull tool generate that thickness

@rtches Then I got many short edge erros

See this SU file for ideas.

Half rectangle.skp (284.1 KB)

Hi @larsvopzeeland, welcome to the forums! If you are getting the error I think you are getting, the issue is that your model is either very small or you are trying to offset a large number of edges into a area that might be a little too tight for SketchUp to handle. Either way, you can try and scale the model up and see if that helps. Of course, if you were to post your file or a screenshot it would help us understand your error a little easier and we might be able to offer a better solution for you.

Also, while I am happy to help you regardless of what your profile says and I was able to glean all the information I needed from it, you should make sure it is filled out correctly in case you end up running into technical difficulties later on.