How to make an arc with input

How can I make an arc here? I have gathered user input for theorem but do not know how to fit the arc into this code. I am making crown molding with this face, and am extruding along a path width follow me.

Here’s my code so far. I have not yet edited the Y axis part, and have started on the x-axis code.

       #Input for trim
       prompts = ["Rise:            ", "Run:", "Cornice:", "R:", "G:", "B:"]
       defaults = [5.0, 5, 0.5, 255.0, 255.0, 255.0]
       list = ["", "", "", "", "",  ""]
       input = UI.inputbox(prompts, defaults, list, "Crown Molding")
       return unless input

       case axis
       when X_AXIS
         [ [0,0,0], [run,0,0], [0,0,rise, [run,0,rise-cornice], [run-cornice,0,rise-cornice],  ]
       when Y_AXIS
         [ [0,0,0], [0,width,0], [thickness,0,0], [thickness,width,0] ]

(1) Learn to insert comments into your code that explains what it does (or attempts to do.)

There are a multitude of different patterns for moldings. Back in the day they were actually molded from plaster. Then along came wooden routed stock trim. Anyway your user interface code is going to be massive if you plan on coding every probable trim profile. (Which wouldn’t easily accommodate custom profiles.)

What most plugins of this type usually do is have a library of trim profile face components that they load as needed, then place instances into the model (probably inside a new group,) explode them and extrude using Sketchup::Face.followme().

Back to the question

You would use Sketchup::Entities#add_arc, but looking at your code snippet, I don’t see any of the data that would be used to make an arc.

Be more specific about ALL of your questions. We are wasting time repeatedly asking you to clarify or give more information. We cannot read your mind. :roll_eyes:

Suggest you paste in 2D images of what your face profile is and how the inputbox values map to the trim profile. (You are taking for granted we know what you know, but we do not. And we don’t like guessing.)

What reason do you want an arc here ?
What is the arc for ?
How do you expect it to be derived from the data that the user inputs (in the code snippet above) ?
Where in the model (or the trim group) do you expect to draw the arc ?
What relationship is the arc to other trim profile geometry ?