How to make a slope map?

I tried coping the slope analysis and placing it above the terrain with the Aerial and turning XRAY mode on but it’s not that great. Would second @gsharp and export two views into Photoshop or as .EPS and do it in Illustrator.

Here is a Photoshop version which provides way more control:

Thank you very much.
It’s interesting that the contours come out very clear. I guess because they are just lines with nothing in between the lines to obstruct the aerial view below.
With the solid colors it is necessary to use transparency to see below.
I was trying to think if there was a way to use an outline rather than solid color.

For representing this type of data with colours: a shout out for Cythnia Brewer’s ColorBrewer website. ColorBrewer suggests RGB, Hex and CMYK colours to best represent different types of data graphically, such as on maps. I use ColorBrewer regularly in SketchUp and LayOut.

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I didn’t understand this post. Can you explain?

look at fredo’s post…


The plugin is now published as FredoTools::ColorBySlope on Sketchucation.

I have added a 2D color map (with choice of transparency) and a Restore function to reset the terrain to its original state.

I designed the icon myself (but thanks for the proposal):


There is also a video on YouTube presenting the functionality.

Thanks to all for the suggestion of this plugin (although there has been some predecessors who paved the way).