How to make a reeded leg question?


Hi folks, I am trying to make a reeded leg and not sure how to get the fluted portion into my leg? I have the basic leg built like I want with the proportions but not sure how to finish it?

I have attached my leg and a copy of a leg I sort of want to mimic. I have been searching

for videos and find alot of videos on fluted columns but not this sort of leg? I will keep searching but wanted to ask you folks as well!

Thank you!



Have a look at @DaveR 's Design, Click, Build series on the Fine Woodworking website.

Here’s one that does pretty much what you want. Watch the video.

PS. I see you’ve already asked @DaveR directly about the reeded leg in your other post about the mouse zooming.


I just saw this after answering you in your other post. I wouldn’t call the one you’ve indicated a reeded leg. That’s got stopped flutes. I’ve done one on that, too, I think. I’ll have to hunt.

Edit to add: I found a fluted newel post but evidently the tutorial I did on it seems to have vaporized.


Of course your right Dave, I guess its not a full reeded leg I am after but just the, how do I say it, the grooves in the leg I would like to be able to do?

Almost as if you took a router tool and added them to the leg after it was turned, if that makes sense??

I watched the video on how to make a reeded leg you did and OMG!!!



That’s a common way to make fluted legs. In general, the method I use is to draw a sort of long sausage with rounded ends. Thing of that as the cutter. Intersect that with the turned leg and erase the waste.

Thank you.


Yeah its a stopped flute is what I want to do. Do I turn the leg first then add that after the fact?



Yup. Just as it would be done in the shop.


Hi Dave, I have attached a few pics of what I think I should do as per your reply. I am watching videos on cutouts and intersecting faces, but its a little confusing? I have the solid tools in my tool bar but a little uncertain as to what to do to get that stopped flute I want?

Any tips? I have never done this before :slight_smile:




Basic version of your leg as example. The attached skp file might help show the principle?
I used bool tools but the solids tools will do the same.

leg.skp (638.8 KB)


WOW!!! thank you sooooo much for the example and tutorial!! I am sorry for the late response and just saw this today!!!

Again, thank you for taking the time, I really appreciate it!



Hey, no problem, glad it was a help.

By the same principle, using the solid tools you can trim the square part of the leg using the same tools.
Create a spherical shape as a group and align and size it to suit the trim/chamfer. With both selected I then used the “split” solid tool and then deleted the unwanted parts.


With a little forethought and the right approach you can make very nice transitions and appropriate from the turned section to the pommel. Like on these reeded columns. I used the same method on the tops of the reeds as well. I’ll send you a link

The same basic process works for these Queen Anne style legs with the offset foot, too.

I thought I’d sent you a link to the tutorial for that.


Stopped flutes on legs with entasis. Anyone? My tutorial will be published soon.


I had a try to see if I could produce something like that, it’s a lot simpler than a finished leg but I try to show here how I did it. I don’t know whether it’s any good or not…


Dave, straighten me out here.
what is the flute with a flat bottom called (like a dado)?


Good enough Ian.

Your illustrations are correct. Jay should have asked for a fluted lug instead of a reeded leg. the five legs in the image I posted earlier are reeded.

It would still be called a flue.


I look forward to seeing that. Published here or on the Fine Woodworking blog? (Design.Click.Build)


It’ll be on the Design. Click. Build. blog.