How to make a dynamic window with indicator symbols?

Hello guys,

I’m trying to assemble a window in a dynamic component where it doesn’t have standard measures and I want each different window measure I make to appear a symbol indicating which window it is, and when it is an equal measure a previous window appears the same symbol for me to know which one is the window.

Example of symbols: W1, W2, W3, W4

What programming do I use to develop this window?

This recent post asked a very similar question. Does the answer help you?

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Thanks for the help, I had already seen this other post, it really helped me, but it’s not what I need.

In this other post he leaves the size predefined to appear the symbol. In what I am trying to do I will not leave it preset, I want each measure that I put create a caption.

Example: I put a measure and it creates the automatic caption = W1, I put another measure it already creates another = W2, and so on, and if I create one with an existing measurement it puts the same caption already created previously.