How to launch Greeble from Ruby console / Toolbar Editor

@ChrisFullmer or someone else! I’m trying to make my own toolbar for Chris Fullmer’s Greeble (which has no toolbar) by using Toolbar Editor, which simply lets you assign a custom toolbar to a piece of Ruby script, i.e. the task is the same as trying to launch Greeble from the Ruby console. For most plugins this is easy to figure out, but I’m new to Ruby and have tried to figure out how to launch Greeble for several hours now and have to give up. If anyone in the know has Greeble or downloads it I suppose this would be easy to find out! The answer might also help me understand Ruby a little bit better! Have thought of trying to learn it for a while but haven’t had the time…
Any help much appreciated!

This is how Greeble is started:


So have your button make that method call. Something like:

cmd1 =“Greeble”) { CLF_Extensions_NS::CLF_Greeble.greeble }

cmd1.small_icon = "./images/some_icon.png"
cmd1.large_icon = "./images/some_icon_large.png"
cmd1.tooltip = “Greeble”

toolbar =“Greeble”)
toolbar = toolbar.add_item cmd1