How to insert a detail box

Hi Everyone,

I am using Sketchup Make 2016 on a windows pc

I really hope someone can help me accomplish this, since I am not sure what the name of this action is so I’ve attached a picture with an arrow to help

Detail Box

SketchUp Make doesn’t have sheet layout tools, so you would have to export images or “drawings” to some other application. SketchUp Pro includes the LayOut application where you can place multiple views of your model on a sheet.

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You’ll need to do that in something like Word or whatever you’re going to use to create the plan. The inset is basically a different view of the model.

It would be a whole lot easier to do in in SketchUp Pro view LayOut.

FWIW, I did the artwork for the image you showed in your link.

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Thanks Dave that’s what I figured … I think I’m going to use my Lucid Press Desktop publishing and then just download a model of what I want to insert as a JPEG and upload it to my plans

From looking at your website and seeing what you’re doing, I think you should use SketchUp Pro so you can use LayOut. It would make creating your plans a whole lot easier. Since you are selling your plans or projects you’ve designed in SketchUp, you need to be using Pro anyway.

Can’t afford it maybe in the future … I only opened a Etsy shop we will see how it goes

Be aware that the the EULA prohibits the use of Make for commercial use. Selling plans made with SketchUp is clearly a commercial use.

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I wasn’t aware of that since you mention it I’ll have to think of other means…

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