How to increase size of glued components/instances

Attached my model, should be simple, probably take you guys a few minutes , took me three days ! Anyway, how do I increase the length of “6x2 Base Stile 1” and “6x2 Base Stile 2”. Whatever I try , it wont let me resize these. Tried in Entity Info, and I tried Right Click - Edit Component - Advanced Attributes in the Tray, I can’t seem to resize these two. Model attached. Thank you. Please can you describe how to fix rather than fix and uplload, please.

Oh, and why is Builder Free extension not picking up my materials and also reporting an error???

Floating_Bed.skp (220.8 KB)

Right-click on Group/Component
Edit Component and use PushPull

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What do you want to resize them to? What dimension or dimensions do you wish to change and to what?

Looking at the way the part is drawn offers a clue. It is one member that has 4 nested entities. It should have been drawn as one member. You need to go to The learning Center and follow the basics.


So so so much thankyou

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I’ve insulted? When?
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By the way, that learning centre, I hadn’t come across tha. It’s, true, and I am ceasing work on this until I’ve developed a better understanding , having fumbled my way through this far, skipping across sites, articles and videos.