How to import a pdf with minimal data loss

Many times I take a pdf of a set of plans, and either print it and scan it and save as a jpg or get it converted to a jpg on line. The problem is the data loss. SU seems to have a limit of the imported file size, so it reduces it down. The lines get all fuzzy and are hard to draw accurately over so I can move things around, redraw parts or pull it up into 3d.

Is there another way to import it so the lines stay crisp, perhaps by using something other than jpg? is one of the other file formats a better choice?

Or, can I import, say 4 sections of the plan, and marry the imported drawings together?

Thanks, G

First thing, Go to Preferences/OpenGL and tick the box for Use Maximum Texture Size.

that made it crisper for sureā€¦ Thanks G

PDF is a hybrid format which may contain vectors as well as raster data. If the PDF contains vector data (= selectable entities which do not get fuzzy if zooming in) this can be converted by e.g. graphics programs as Adobe Illustrator or free Inkscape to the DXF/DWG format which is the industry standard for exchaning 2D CAD data and can be imported by the SU Pro version.

btw, for getting raster data from a PDF just open with free Adobe Reader and save as PNG (not compressed JPEG because of artefacts).