How to I prevent crashing everytime I choose a texture?

No matter how small my file Is, it crashes almost every time I click on a texture to add to a model. Is it because Im using a Mac Pro laptop? How do I fix this? thanks!

I also have macbook pro but like this issue has no place in my case, here everything works fine.
maybe some problem on your side with macbook or with software

There is a crash we know about that can happen if you are editing a material, and then click on another material in the scene, to switch to editing that one instead.

Can you give exact steps that you do that leads to a crash? Do the same steps happen if you try a new Simple template document?

If you’re using MacOS Sonoma you better go back to Ventura, it’s known that sketchup 2023 doesn’t have support for Sonoma and it’s not stable, a lot of people are experiencing random crashes with sketchup on Sonoma.

I use a simple template, every now and then when I choose an object, click on Ctrl B to choose a texture, click on the texture, it suddenly crashes. and It happens quite a lot. Happened when I had the free version, happens now that Im paying for it.

When you next see a bugsplat windows (which you get when opening SketchUp after a crash), please send it in so I can compare your crash with the one I know about.