How to have 3d model next to 2d model

Hello, can anyone help, i’ve only been usinf sketch up for about a week and need to place a 2d model, fot and back view next to a 3d model for a worksheet. When i import one to the other they are not on the same plane, so one is always the wrong way, i just need them side by side to turn into a printable imiage on the same page? any help would be fantastic, thanks.

If the worksheet is being developed in LayOut, you can do this a few ways
Option 1) Set up the Perspective and Parallel Front Back views in SketchUp through scenes. When then model is brought into LO, use the scenes to get your views. Use the scale feature to set the scale you need.

Option 2) Import the dwg/dxf into LO directly.

See video for both :slight_smile:

If you want to stick to putting the 2D side by side in SketchUp…

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