How to give width to a LOT of lines

Hi! I im modeling a parking lot, and i imported my model from AutoCad… i have the lines that divide the spaces, but if u want those line to be able to be seen in Lumion, i need them to be a solid… theres any plugin, or trick, that i can use to turn a LOT of lines, into a LOT of solids?

Make the parking stripe a component - then use the array function or copy/stamp feature within the Move tool.

You can try this
Use the function: Lines to components.

I tried but the plugin just makes another line on top of the original

It doesnt change it to a solid that i can see in lumion

I think i need like a super overpowered Follow me, that i can just copy a geometry to a thousand lines :stuck_out_tongue:

I can do that, but its over 10.000 parking spaces… and not all of them are in line, i think i will be hours doing it that way

You need edit your component.
Or Select 1 face or component before make lines to components.

I was just going to text you this… i was selecting the whole component i wanted to copy, i just needed 1 face in the right direction!, i cant believe it worked! THANKS A LOT! i though i was not going to be able to show those lines haha!


PERFECT! it was just what i needed…
Really cant believe i was able to do the parking lots with 1 click… Thanks a lot! the addon was super helpful!

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You could also have tried
Lines 2 tubes

Lines 2 Components

I will save it for the next one! thanks!

Love it when the community comes through!

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