How to give different position and sizes to the copies

how to give different position and sizes to the copies

If you write copy as a custom attribute, a read only section will open with a Copy attribute with a value of 0.0, this is normally hidden so as not to cause confusion for the first instance. If you look at any of the copies, their copy would have a corresponding number for this attribute. This gives a Handle to each of a sequence.
So if(copy=0,val1,0 ) would assign val1 to the first, if(copy=copies, val1, 0 ) would assign val1 to the last
choose(copy+1, val1,val2,val3,…) would assign a value to each in turn if that copy existed

so for LenX, =choose(copy+1, 200,330,600,400)
or better choose(smallest(3, copy+1),200,330,600,400) to stop an error if copies>3

for position I find it best to add the inputs then use the choose
x1= 10
x3 =x2+25
x = choose(copy+1,x1,x2,x3,x4) where in this case copies<=3

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Thank you very much for responding, as always an effective solution, it worked perfectly