How to get rid of unwanted perspectives when drawing e.g. a wall

When drawing a wall on a house wall I get unwanted side-perspectives drawn that I do not want. What are these and how do I prevent these from appearing?

Sketchup problem|690x312

I see no perspectives in your screenshot. However, it seems to me that you are creating a mess. Have you gone through the videos at ?

Hi Anssi, Thanks for your quick reply. It is not really a mess, but rather laysers of material on a house. Do you know whay the ringmarked items appear when I add the a square wall?

Share the .skp file with us so we can give you some help.

Without the model file it is impossible to say, but one possibility is that everything is not as square as you think. Another is that your model is very far from the model origin point so that your display starts to show distortion and artifacts. Two faces that are very near each other also start to “z-fight” when viewed from afar.

H52 kopi.skp (2.3 MB) Here’s the skp-file, can you take a look please?

Unfortunately your model is kind of a mess as @Anssi suggested.

It’s all loose geometry and in the portion you showed in your screen shot, there are missing faces.

You really need to get some familiarity with using groups and components in your modes.

You could spend some time fixing the geometry. Go to the View menu and turn on Hidden Geometry. Then erase the unneeded edges and draw in the ones you need to recreate the walls.

As nice as it can be to see your model with the textures, it’s best to wait until you have the geometry done correctly before you start applying materials. Those materials will mask problems.

The house is also very slightly off-square and partly off-vertical, possibly caused by Length Snapping being on. See the coordinates displayed:

Thank you very much for your help and remarks DaveR and Anssi :slight_smile:
I had made a couple of windows and when I had to erase them these loose geometry appeared :slight_smile:
This is my very first attempt with this program and I am quite proud of it :blush:
I see I need to learn how to make groups and components.
Thanks again from a very happy beginner :slight_smile: