How to get ATI3D in Sketchup 2017

Hi ! Please i am e beginner and i want to design garden, I will need ATI3D but he is not free, can you advice me how to get it ?

pay it. if you need something that isn’t free, pay it.

also, you’re talking about this ?

it’s only a reseller. they have a few extensions, but other than that they sell sketchup.

well start with the sketchup fundamentals, and then maybe move on to the landscape and site design course.

yes ! i talk about that. i will pay when i will have money. i just need few extensions for training

It is best to learn without extensions so you fully understand what the software can do.
In General, extension only really automate what is already possible.

and I’ll add, this is not the place to ask for the extensions.

you have to ask them. they distribute these extensions, they can provide them. not any of us. I don’t expect them to provide them for free, but that’s on them.

anyone else providing the extensions for free to you would be… well… theft.


In fact, they offer training, and their 4 days course is pretty much extension-free.