How to generate report in 2016 like in 2015

hi, I would love to use generate report in 2016 like in 2015. I need to generate an html report but the 2016 version do not allow that… I ned
ed to unplug internet to have the old version of generate report… So tell me who to do it in 2016? thank you

I believe disconnecting from the internet is the solution to getting the old style report.

ok so while im at work, i need to go under my desk a couple of time… Why? My colleage use 2016 to and its ok for them

Are they not connected to the Internet when they run Generate Report?

What exactly is it that you need that you can’t get with the current Generate Report tool?

You can disconnect via the Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center

This is from Windows 7 (computer and router name obscured.) :

IF you have Windows 8.x,… it is even easier.

Just click the Internet icon in the taskbar tray (lower right) and the Networks control panel will slide into view. You can temporarily switch off both wired and wireless network adapters. Later when done with the report, switch it back on.