How to Flatten this Pendentive

I have modeled this pendentive.Now I want to flatten this so I can make designs on the face and then drape it on the original.I have use unwrap and flatten faces but this breaks my model into pieces…pendentive.skp (273.6 KB)

You can achieve this with ‘projected texture’ feature inside Sketchup.

Just use that rectangle as your reference image then project it to your pendentive.

Check this article for more info about projecting textures on curved surfaces: Sticking a Photo or Texture to a Face | SketchUp Help

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Its a .dwg file converted from adobe illustrator.what about it ?

I don’t think .dwg is a good file type for textures.
Here are supported files:

I don’t want to apply texture in SketchUp so that’s why I am importing my design in .dwg file type so it divides my design into faces so that I can apply materials in another rendering software to it.

I am having hard times to understand what you’re trying to achieve. What exactly you want to carry on to your ‘rendering software’? (Why you import .dwg file? Do you want a black and white outlined pendentive?)
Purpose of ‘Drape tool’ is to create faces.

I want faces on this pendentive so i can push pull and make design which has some depth in it.Like the design has depth in this door.

Drawing lines on this model will be not possible i think so thats why i am using by design in .dwg file type and using drape tool.

Have you already tried doing any of this using the Matched Photo Mode?

With a bit of interpretation… you could freehand the modeling of this—and use SketchUp as a layout and proportioning tool to a stronger degree than a simple tracing one.

There is also a plugin called fatten which will project the edges of you item to z=0, then you have a 2d surface to work with but, when that is done there is a foreshortening ( distortion ) in your dawing. You will have to deal with that to recover going back the other direction for your created design.
It seems like doing you design in 2d, projecting critical ref points to you item and then use tools on surface plugin to finalize by free hand drawing aka like wood workers, stone masons etc have been doing for years.
Here is your pendentive (jpg looking straight down the z axis) flattened to z= 0 and you can see what I mean

Allright, now it’s more clear what you’re trying to achieve.

First of all it’s possible to draw lines & shapes on curved faces with this plugin: Tools On Surface by fredo6

Also it’s possible making the model with Drape Tool + Joint Push Pull plugin (see below image). If you want to use Drape tool properly, your .dwg design must be parallel to XY ground like this (and your 3D model accordingly):

When you finished modelling, it’ll be quite complex for Unwrapping inside SketchUp (I couldn’t find an easy way of doing it). So i suggest you to use Blender. Here is a Blender manual for instructions.

Even so, if you want to stay inside Sketchup, you might try ‘Wrap-r’ addon for UV mapping. Or this extension: Unwrap and Flatten Faces or this: SketchUV

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