How to find a specific geo location with coordinates

hi, i want to see if anyone knows how to (or if there’s a way) to enter specific geolocation coordiantes to locate your camera/extra - the model itself has been located already. all i can find is h
omegle ow to set up your model in a location but there is no mention of getting to a specific spot within the model

thanks in advance.

You can place a guidepoint using either absolute coordinates from the model’s origin or relative coordinates from some other point in the model. With the point established you can place the camera on it.

Use the Tape Measure tool. For absolute coordinates click on the origin and then type [x,y,z] press Enter. Type the open square bracket, SketchUp will fill in the close square bracket. For relative coordintates click on the reference point and then type <x,y,z> press Enter.

Use the Position Camera tool in the Camera toolbar to place the camera on the guidepoint Click on the guidepoint and hold. Drag the cursor toward the point you want to look at and let go.