How to fill face on two different face size?

Should I be using follow me tool? I’m having a hard time…See image below.

Description: the top base is narrower while the bottom base is wider. How do I connect? Thanks!


Follow Me might work but it’s hard to tell exactly from your image. Can you share the .skp file?

Here you go:

Thanks for your help! I’m still a noob so I’m not sure how to do it…

help_follow.skp (169.6 KB)

Is this the sort of thing you are after?

If so, Follow Me won’t be the right option due to the alignment of the top and bottom shapes. I used an extension called Curviloft (from Sketchucation) to quickly stitch the two shapes together.

What is this thing and how will the model be used? That would impact exactly how you should model it.

By the way, that blue face was on top of the upper shape. I moved it out of the way for clarity.

Thanks so much!!! :slight_smile:

This is just the top part of a toilet

Or maybe something more like this? With wall thickness all the way around

Oh. So it probably doesn’t need to have the wall thickness. In that case explode the top and bottom components leaving just the outside faces and use them to create the shape. Connect the top and bottom with a line and then use Loft Along Path from the Curviloft extension.