How to extend a conical cup

I drew this cup over a year ago in Sketchup Make 2017 and it has served its purpose well. A PVC pipe is inserted in the hole in the wall and is used to introduce smoke to smoke detectors to verify that they work.

However, now I’d like the base to be about 2mm larger in diameter. I imagine the way to do that is to just extend the cone about another 10mm. Just don’t know how to do that and hope someone can help me out.

Zach3116.skp (146.8 KB)

Follow Pushpull, one of the Joint Pushpull tools.


You can do it manually too with follow me and the magenta inference.


I followed your manual technique to the point where I was able to draw the rectangle and draw in the magenta lines. But I can’t highlight the inner circumference to use with the follow me tool. I had to “:explode” the drawing to get to this stage. any suggestions to allow me to finish this?

You shouldn’t need to explode anything, you can double click to open for editing.

But I did it as a separate piece, I looked at your model and saw that the circle was drawn with 96 segments, so I set the circle tool to 96 and drew another one to use with the new bit.

But you could equally open the group to edit, then trace one segment of the ring and it will form a face, then use the face as your path for follow me.

Like this, a bit clumsy but you get the idea.