How to edit/move 1 end of tube?

SETUP_Crss-Tbs.skp (214.2 KB)
HP Pavilion, win10.
[view on attchmnt; the Tape Meas. line shows its’ CtrLn. & end-pt.]

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You can edit 1 end of a tube by moving it.
there are 14 guides in the attached file, hw ch th ctrLn?

I have tried very hard, I have spent over half an hour looking at your model and I still don’t understand what you want to know.

ROTA perp to ‘T’ I’m guessing means Rotate perpendicular to T, if so what is T? An educated guess again might suggest you mean Tape, or in this case Guide. Ok, so Rotate this object perpendicular to the guide line. Fine, can do, select the geometry of the object and use the rotate tool to rotate it to follow the guide line. You will need to go to Window/Model info/Units and untick both Enable length Snapping and Enable angle snapping and increase the precision settings to make the rotation accurate for the way you have your model set out.

But then comes the rest of your screen text, >drag down,-CONTXT -align>2-pt arc>P/P ??
I’m absolutely lost as to what this could possibly mean.

So once again, I’m sorry I’m unable to understand what your question is and therefore am unable to help.