How to easily join two complex spaces (profile & insert)

I’m trying to build a model using parts from the 3D model warehouse. I have two questions:

Is there a quick way to join the aluminium profiles and the inserts together?

Is there a quick way to adjust the profile lengths?

3D warehouse part names:
Aluprofil 25x25mm (mit konfigurierbaren Stegen)#1
Rechter Winkel 1 Abgang 25 x 25 mm Steckverbinder Vierkantrohr

You can use the move tool to easily move the components together. You can select the corner of the pole structure and snap it to the joint in the connecting fixture.

In order to adjust lengths, make sure the component you want to adjust is in a group. Select it and hit S for scale. Select the face/axis you want to extend, if you click it once you can enter a measurement in the measurements input field in the bottom left of the screen.

I would watch the first three starter videos on the You Tube channel, they cover all of the basics such as this and are quite helpful.

Thanks for the quick help Liam. I watched the videos, some good advice in there.

I’ve managed to join objects as you described but not the complex forms which i’m trying too use - they seem to have too many surfaces and end points for good mating, still playing around with them.

Changing the length with the scaling works well, but is it possible to enter a absolute value in centimeters?

You can go to WINDOW > MODEL INFO > UNITS and then change the unit of measurement to cm.

If you want to share the model or a portion of it I can take a closer look at the connections?

Hi Liam, attached the parts in a model. The units in cm works fine, but scaling directly to an absolute length doesnt work. I can’t select a part and type 50cm to make it 50cm long

Test.skp (379.1 KB)

Using the scale tool, grab the middle handle on the end you want to lengthen, drag it a short distance then let go of the mouse and type 50cm in mid air and hit enter.

The ‘Scale’ tool works with factors if you omit the units at the end of your input.
50 [Enter] results in 50x the original length.
50cm [Enter] results in a total length of 50cm (between applied center grips at the end)

p.s. Sometimes it helps to work in X-Ray mode to find the right endpoints when moving/assembling groups. Although here that isn’t necessary. Endpoints on the outside will do.

The part’s are not sized to fit perfectly, perhaps you want to resize them first?

Uh, as a general rule, you have to be careful changing the size of an object with the scale tool. It happens to work on the length of simple extrusion, but it’s a problem for other things like a double hung window; if you scale the whole thing to change the over all size, all the internal parts are scaled up proportionally. For that reason, my go-to tool for this type of task in general is the move tool.
•If it’s a component, make it a new, unique component so you don’t mess up any other instances already in use.
•Open the component or group.
•Select the geometry for the end.
•Use the move tool and move the end by the amount needed.
If it’s a 40cm tube and you need 50cm, then move the end by 10cm. Note that if the flanges of the tube were, say, rabbeted 1 cm back from the end, scale would mess that up, but if you use a selection rectangle to select all the end parts and move them, you preserve that relationship.


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