How to draw this? (2)


Hi, any help what is the best way to do the part in the red circle?
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Draw it in section and use Follow Me to follow a circular path.


See this SketchUp Training video…


Don’t get frightened by the shape, the geometry can easily be manipulated.


Mesmerised by this small vid, it never ceases to amaze me what people can achieve in about 5 clicks what I take hours to figure out. cracking job, great explanantion in vid form. *****



Thanks @Red5hark I hope you understood that my gif wasn’t meant as an accurate representation of your handle, but more of a rough guide to understand that nothing is set in stone. You can always draw something and modify it as you go, I didn’t show it here but even after the follow me you can turn on hidden geometry and manipulate individual parts of the curved sections.
People often forget or don’t know that everything is made up of edges and faces and they can all be shoved about in any way you want, and you can always undo back a few steps and change a shape. That’s why I say, don’t be frightened, just play with it a bit and see what you get.

Edit: I just realised Red wasn’t the original poster, but not to worry my comments are still relevant.


Hey @Box

Its not even my ‘handle’ ! :wink:

I just happened across this whilst browsing the forums I kinda use the tool myself in a hap hazard way but really liked the way this was conveyed, its short, sharp and to the point. Just cant get better than that imho. Insight was much appreciated.

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Hi Box, it is my handle! :wink:

And as Red5hark said, it is great explanation :slight_smile:



Ok, thanks.
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Pray tell, what is the plugin toolbox on the right? The “F” wasn’t enough of a clue to help me find it!




Thank you, kind sir…


Hmmm…another question. Got it installed, and it is in the tools drop down menu, but I wondered about how to get a toolbar. I went to the Sketchucation documentation, and near the very bottom, it says “Icon toolbar: NO Toolbar”. So I’m wondering how it is the video showed a toolbar? Earlier version?


I expect you were looking at the documentation for LibFredo6, not Fredoscale. Clearly there’s a toolbar for FredoScale. Look in View>Toolbars.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile hasn’t been completed, yet.


Problem solved, I did find it in view>toolbars. I also just realized that the problem is that on the fredoscale page,, below the overview is info on LibFredo6, and that’s where it says there’s no toolbar.
Thanks from reminding me to update, I’m on Pro 2018


Hi, what is the tool that you bend the handle at very end? Thank you.


As already mentioned, it is Fredoscale, specifically Radial Bend.


Thank you!


Just wanted to say thanks to @Box for sharing that. love learning in the Forums.