How to draw rebates on side panels

After much appreciated help from the community I managed to draw a set of shelves which are rebated into the back panel. I wanted to add sides to the shelves with rebates as well. I have uploaded a .gif showing how I did it with my only concern I cannot erase the line after I used push/pull to extend the shelves into the side panels.
Obviously I am missing something / doing it wrong


I call those things you want “rabbets”. Semantics.
But it looks like your shelf is an entity separate and different from the side, such as it’s a group or component (because we see the bounding box when you select it). Push-pulling the end of the shelf won’t make the groove in the side. What you can do is select the end of the shelf as you do to push it out, copy that end, and after closing the shelf group open the side group and paste in place. THEN you can push in the rabbet.

Geoff, go back to that video in the link I gave you. It shows exactly what you need to do to cut the rebates (rabbets) on the ends and the dadoes for the shelves.

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Will do Dave, I take it that the video covers all the basic woodwork that I would need?

May I know if it’s private video?
If it’s not I’d like to watch it, if it belongs to another topic I maybe already watched.
If it is, no worries.

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No. It doesn’t cover all. But so far it has had the answers to many of the questions you’ve asked.

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