How to draw a scooped chair seat? Help :)

Hi folks, hope all is well! I have never drawn a chair before and I am attaching a pic of one I am working on. I designed a table for a client and now they want a chair to go with it. I really don’t need to have the chair exact as it just needs to be a rough guideline for the chair builder to follow.

I want to add a scooped wood seat similar to the color picture of a chair I have attached. Any help would be much appreciated!! :):slight_smile:

thank you sooo much!!


The chair seat is symmetrical so you only need to model half of it. When I model a seat like that, I draw a cross section profile along the centerline, the curve along the front and the edge of the butt scoop around the perimiter of the seat. Then Curviloft makes quick work of the surface. I did a tutorial on that sort of thing a long time ago. Here’s the link.

Similar idea on a different chair.


thanks soooo much Dave!!! You have always been such a great help!!