How to draw a layer above a construction

Hello there,

For now I did draw everything manually using the line tool.
Very time consuming.

I did add a basic sample skp file, what in this sample my start and goal is. BTW, in several constructions that need a layer they are a mix of groups and components. Also I’am using SU2021.

Any pointers how to do it more easily and faster?

Test_Create a layer above a construction ( asfalt on roof ).skp (109.5 KB)

And of course thank you for any suggestions.


With Follow Me tool.

I get the forbidden cursor.

Open the group by right-clicking on it


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Thank you for this. Top. I always underestimate the followMe tool.

However I got a mix of groups and components, and can’t select the whole path at once. so I need to do them separately. I guess!

The starting point to get the line to begin with is a problem for me.

In the past I did duplicate the elements/objects to another file; explode everything; select the to follow line; weld it; drag it a little up, and use the Offset tool to create a thickness for the layer. Then did this again for the second layer using the first layer.

I did hope to find a contour tool/plugin that create the outline fo selected objects.

You might get a tip from this video: Skill Builder.