How to do calculation using COPY in DYC

I’m doing a DYC to create overlay pagination automatically and am encountering problems for some pagination designs. For now I managed to do the paging straight(1) and in Z(2), now I wanted to do a progressive spacing(3).

I am unable to determine a calculation to indent one line for each multiple of the first indent.

Revestimento_3.skp (504.0 KB)

to select a repetitive copy value you would find if a copy divided by the interim is as integer
so say for every third, copy/3 then:

= if(copy/3-int(copy/3), 0,1)

that is a statement that evaluates to 0, 0.33333, or 0.66667
any number > 0 (positive) is deemed to be “True”, whereas 0 and negative numbers are “False”
so made the false return true for 0 and every 3 there after

with the case of rows of tiles, rather than making a matrix of copies, I suggest making copies within a row then copying the rows.

an example attached

From a dropdown I added the different offsets, 1, 0.5, 1/3, 0.25, and used the index,1,2,3,4 into a version of the code above. Then a check to see the the addition was lower than a tile size

tiles.skp (138.6 KB)

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added a condition if begin is 0
tiles.skp (138.7 KB)

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Thank you very much for the tips, it’s much better this way, when I finish the adjustments, I’ll post the result here :slight_smile: