How to dimension without axes

I work in construction. Our primary use case for SketchUp is quickly generating scaled plans for conduit runs. Because these plans are only represented in 2-D 99% of the time, this allows me to quickly give our crews reference for how they should plan their runs.

Dimensions are typically provided based on a fixed reference point. In the case of a current job, the best reference is relative to an existing bay of parking spaces. The issue, however, is that this bay of parking spaces does not fall parallel to the established red-green axes.

For the appliances which will be installed in the parking spaces themselves, it was easy enough to create reference lines and dimension along the purple “perpendicular” inference line. However, we have some equipment outside of the parking bay for which these dimensions would also be beneficial.

How can I force the dimensions to display along a reference line which falls outside of the standard colored axes?

Wait. Are you wanting the in-line dimension measured parallel with the other dims? Or are you looking for the diagonal or straight line distance between those two points? Because it would be weird to display the diagonal dimension as inline with the others.

There are options in Layout’s dimensions tools that would make this easier. Within SketchUp probably the easiest way would be to draw a reference line perpendicular to the desired dimension, then hide that line after setting the dim. You could also augment the dim leader lines to point where you want them with the line tool.


Make advantage of temporarily rotated axes (you can even save them in a scene). This all takes only a few seconds
After dimensioning reset the axes

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I knew there was a quick fix! This is precisely what I was looking for. Thank you for your assistance.

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