How to delete the nerves without ruining your design?

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How do I delete the nerves in the picture, so that it is 1 smooth piece, without actually ruining the shapes and design?

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If you have made them as solid groups/components, select them all, right click and choose Outershell. This should be available in make.

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply.

I get an error message performing this action unfortunately.

Because one or more of the elements is not a solid group or component. Note Box wrote:

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see it?

5.skp (51.6 KB)

SKP file attached.

Thanks a lot guys for the quick responses. Appreciated!

You need to learn about proper use of groups.

The selected "board on the right is nested with the grouped board on the left. and then that group is added to a group with more geometry and so on. It can be fixed but at this point probably the most direct method would be to explode all groups and erase the unwanted edges.

I un-nested all of the groups but you can see there’s a combination of groups and loose geometry.

I exploded all groups, selected all of the geometry and ran Intersect Faces>With Selection and then erased the unneeded edges.

Somewhat along the line of what @DaveR did, … I would explode, explode, explode, …
till you’re left with only basic geometry. Then copy the front only, to …another location. (see image). clean up the front till you only have one face. Maybe even correct the summits.
Then extrude the face to length (to where the dasher lines indicate).

p.s. selecting only the front can best be done in side view with a “window” selection.


It works, thanks a lot guys!!

Although, how can I start designs with making the basic geometry so that I can extrude after?

Start by drawing your profile in 2D on a rectangle. It is a lot easier to delete the extra lines and faces at that stage. When you have a nice profile, like @Wo3Dan showed you, push pull it out into 3D.

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As McGordon suggested, drawing it on a rectangle is probably the easiest way. Use guidelines created with the Tape Measure and Protractor tools to help you work out angles and intersections.
Screenshot - 12_20_2017 , 4_07_42 AMScreenshot - 12_20_2017 , 4_13_05 AMScreenshot - 12_20_2017 , 4_13_25 AM

Thanks a million to you all!

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