How to delete SMOOVED part within two lines

Hello I have this shape where I run a trail along the center in an irregual shape
like a trail in the country side or a forest
All the surrounding land i managed to “smoove”
There is a banister on each side in green glass where people can actually see the
structure of the land gravel soil roots etc.
I would like to save all the “smoved” centre part between the two banister
I don’t want to use the “stamp” tool as it becomes flat (I tried that before)
1/ I’d like to make it into a group and lower it like a reflection of the surroundings land
so people would NO walk like on street but on a floor that rather reflects the surrounding natural land
They would look at the sourrounding floor nearly at eye level and UP at plants and trees
“like a walk in the park” (most probably a thick trail covered in wood chips not to make any noise)
here and there I would like to keep whit small ponds.
That are already market on the smooved part.
SKU_How2deleteTHEcenterPART|690x365 SKU_How2deleteTHEcenterPARTcloseUP|690x366
I have tried to use “intersect with model” but I can’t seem to select ALL of the smooved part in the centre
and when I go polygon by polygon it wants to delete polygons on the other side of the glass.
Thanks for any advice or Youtube referrals that would address this particular situation
Thank you!

I’d like NOT to have a flat STAMPED floor like this I just want to select the smooved part divide it and lower it. I reduced to 50mm the fall off but it still looks bigger when done.
I’d like the side volume of the soil vertical against the glass bannister

Soften the edges in your terrain. Then Intersect Faces will work easily.


Hello thank you.
I have tried that but my terrain is now as flat as yours the squares are 1x1m

I have attached a picture of what it looks like after the soften edges and coplanar to maximum 180 and it after the intersect with model I still can not select the middle part
Will see if I can approach in a different way maybe cut out with follow me ?SoftenEDGE&COplaner_2_MAX_180|690x342
Could it be that the separation material is the the red FENCE material?
Thank you.

If I may offer some points.

What Dave shows should work. Maybe the cutting fence is not high and low enough and you still have connecting material. Does it extend past the ends of the strip of terrain?

You may need to share the model for others to try and see what the issue is.

Try using the monochrome view. Showing pictures of richly textured surfaces just obscures what is happening with the geometry.

It worked that was my mistake. There were two tiny overflows of the terrain
You saved my end of the week and my birthday
It’s a concept so no ones life depends on it but I AM SO HAPPY I can go on.
I want to take it into Lumion now and try to populate

plants bushes grass etc.
Thank you to you two gentlemen and the existence of this amazing Forum


Now that I managed with your help, May I expand my question.
I would like
1/ to give my glass a thickness
2/ make the upper edge parallel to the line of the landscape (currently it’s horizontal)
What is the best way forward.
My way of thinking:
listing all of the same material copy and paste and make into a group
But HOW do I get to cut the glass along the line where the soil leans against the banister?
Thank you

Since you have done this without groups, I gather. What if you double click on the glass surfaces are they cut already? Make them all a group.

If they are not cut already:

  1. With the glass still single face, group all the glass parts and edit the glass group: within the glass group choose all faces and select “intersect with model” from the contextual menu.

  2. Sometimes when the other model edges lie exactly on the face, this will not make a clean cut everywhere. And this may be true of your complex model. You may need to select the adjacent terrain and import it into the group using Copy, and Paste in Place–to get the edges all lying on the glass surface. Then you have to select the parts you don’t want and remove them.

Now you should have a divided glass with a separate surface on top that has a level top edge. Double click that surface and move it straight up to a desired amount above the adjacent terrain. Double click that surface, group, and delete (grouping leaves the edges you want for the glass edge)
For thickness use Joint Push Pull plugin from SketchUcation. It’s a Fredo tool and you likely need the current LIbFredo plugin as well.


I did not see your reply till now will try all this later
So I managed to make the glass thickness with follow ME which was not a success
when I tried it with the thickness of the glass it followed the ground and did not stay vertical …

Now I am stuck and can’t figure out how to make the top of the glass
run exactly at exact distance from the walking ground up
I thought after intersect with the floor
how do I pick the bottom part of the green glass and add it to the top?
The floor is copy paste etc
I have looked it the edge is visible all along the edge of the 100mm glass
Or the other way would be to delete the part and run the glass

Did you manage to get a wiggly edge on the glass surface ? I think the surface operations on the glass are easier with the one original layer, then make the thickness with JPP afterward. Good job with Follow me, but it will possibly have some irregularities from one face to the other making it hard to create a wavy edge for both.

If there is surface with the wavy edge you select it and control (Copy) move straight up. That will bring a copy of the wavy edge up. You can delete the surfaces you don’t want. However I don’t know whether that is going to help you with the follow me surfaces.

Hello thank you.
I don’t know where to upload the whole thing the whole file is 59MB
But I am the type who wants to learn with your guys help.
If I can copy it up I don’t need the follow me. First I have to find out how to single out the part that’s under the line that is my problem I don’t know how to divide it.
I made it with groups the whole walk way is a group …Sorry this will have to wait till tomorrow
Thanks for your attention.
Time to rest SO time :slight_smile:

Hello Thanks for staying with me through this.
I don’t smooved landscape “close” to the top of the glass . The smooved terrain is already a group since it get smooved. So I have no edges close to

I did not manage as the surface of the floor is not horizontal so when I use follow me the glass inclines as the floor bends which looks very interesting when very slight only but when it flips 45% to one side mainly outwards it looks odd and then the landscape would need to be redone again as it could tumble inwards.
I will try to single out the line of the edge and than use the follow me again .
I am trying to do the follow me by clicking on the shape then then end of the path but it will not do it so
when I draw it takes like 15-20 just to drag along the line and then there comes the point where it will simply NOT continue. If I click and then try to start again the glass wall won’t continue vertically
Anyway I am too stressed about it its my BD I should do something else being over 60 :slight_smile: Will try again tomorrow maybe my PC can’t handle the calculation will try to divide the two lines into two files

OK. I would try getting one face of glass to the shape you want, then use joint-push-pull plugin to make it thicker.

If I knew I had such a large project to do, I’d first try out the process and concept on a smaller area, then see if I could do it on a larger area after that.

I think I see what you are trying with your setup. You might try Eneroth Upright Extruder in the Extension Warehouse or FollowMeandKeep “FAK” ([Plugin] FollowMe and keep (v0.04 update 20090210) • sketchUcation • 1) plugins .

I will try what you say
But how can I followme a line only
I need a plane as shape
I am thinking of cutting it into 4 quarters each line into 1/2 and then sort of melt it together
I can’t access WH anymore.
The Google login doesn’t work anymore asked me to update passw. etc.
I guess it wants me to upgrade to SKU 2020 and with Covit meltdown & my pension won’t allow it.
Sorry I only have Profile Builder I bought but must admit complicate to learn.
I have tries to soften the entire line I don’t care if it is a bit smoother but I have to find how to do it
I know how to smooth shapes and planes but not a long line like that
I am working on my project several years and frankly its very unique and
I don’t want to post the entire thing online YET.
I want to make an IG account where I can start showing my creativity
then fine anyone can copy. A friend architect of mine in Belgium now 70 has several
project knocked of his work via the Internet and intl contests.
You get my drift Thanks

I can’t say about your accounts. You can get FAK and Fredo JointPushPull Plugin on SketchUcation, maybe Eneroth’s Upright extruder plugins too.

It’s very difficult IMO to “smooth" a set of edges, rather a curve, with special plugins. I thought you wanted the curve to be the same as in your terrain. I described how I did the glass, above, but your path may be harder to do, being so long. Hope it all goes well!

Yes you are right I would prefer it to match the landscape profile as it’s jagged edge would contrast with the natural landscape …I had intended to run a small rounded top edge in stainless steel to stop anyone from attempting to grab the top.
75$ per year for SketchUcation seems reasonable.
Does that give access to the plugins or one needs to pay each vendor separately?
Do they offer the Lumion bridge?
I will still try your way as suggested I just need time to try and concentrate which is sometimes difficult after a while.
Thank you.

The membership gives you discounts on the various things in the SketchUcation store, including some paid plugins. You don’t have to join premium membership to use the forum, but you need an account. Most plugins are free / donation. I don’t know about Lumion Bridge.

I was reminded of a Twain quote, when I had the thought: if you leave it sharp they won’t likely grab it a second time. :grimacing:

Hello I have to go to the Chiropractor in town today.
I tried the follow me for days …with one line or two parallel lines it just would not do it properly
at some point the line was running away into the abyss for no visible reason . I zoomed in there was nothing, nothing hidden no invisible geometry. and at certain points the glass wall would simply dip over to near 45 degrees. I cut the whole project into four lines to be reassembles A B C D but still the same.
Although interesting looking along certain path I think it was not feasible.

BUT NOW I wanted to share with you that somehow I have managed after multiple attempts
to intersect with the model AND then came this Eureka moment this morning. Naturally your advise was part of this.
At one stage I just moved the entire trail goup UP to the level of the landscape as it was sunken before
(I don’t really know why I wanted to people to look up)?
I realized they would not enjoy viewing the natural floor fauna etc. And there is was … I clicked on the upper part and managed to delete the top all along the jagged terrain line that is now at 1m20
I then copied it all and pasted it at 5cm to give it some depth. I know there will be some problems at sharp angles where the planes seem to cross over to the other side. I don’t know how to overcome that but I imagine putting a post there will “hide that” Not perfect I know but I don’t need to build this …I need to look only to populate it with plants etc.
Your Twain quote is very “to the edge” YES sharp …I was just thinking when we lived in South Africa I refused to have a wall with barred wire and electricity and used an old Chinese scheme. So I converted the existing one, a 2 width brick wall eight feet tall with a half brick overhang on each side. All that made of concrete 1/2 circle volume concrete rim all along. Painted in white oil paint . It looked pretty and matched the cape dutch detailed bungalow and made it impossible for anyone to stretch out his/her arms and grab anything on the other side.

Now need to make small wooden bridges that cross the little water points along the path.
It kept robbers out for the ten years we were there.
I could share the model with you over my DRIVE you are interested to point out some other mistakes
but I don’t want to overstep my welcome to your help. I am not lazy so I do try to resolve myself as much as I can.
Where about in the world are you. I find the Internet fascinating how one gets help and makes contact from people continents away. I am yet to find a SKU buddy here in Vancouver. It would be nice.
WHen I went back to school three years ago most were 1/3 of my age and naturally they did not keep in touch. There was one fellow from Ethiopia paraplegic with no feet that were taken off at toddlers age
he walked amazingly well on sort of stilts prosthesis. He was absolutely amazing with SKY and Revit
we stayed in touch but he likes to sing RAP and write very edgy Poetry and just came to learn as it was free for him paid by the government. But he did not want to co operate in any creative way. We are still in touch he likes and asks to look at my stuff as he likes my creativity…Its sad to see his talent go to waist together we could have done great renderings etc. But to each his own. Its VERY difficult to get into anything architectural here. I have tried over 2500 application with custom resume and cover letters but my expertise comes from interiors in Asia concrete glass etc Here, beside concrete buildings, most is like in USA wooden structures and the wicked local building code. When I look at these houses wood covered in plastic sheeting and then clad ded I think even the poor in Africa want a hut in solid bricks…
I only managed to make two renos here one for a bizarre home the guy wanted it all INVISIBLE from the street (basically he did not want to apply for the permit) he wanted access to a low attic for storeage and a kitchen extension onto a plexiglass patio. THEN he managed to sell the house and get a 500K condo and probably leave the new owners one day with the problems to solve. He was a builder and did all the work himself
I did another house with another Iranian builder all within regulations on my street. He bought for 1.2million did the work for three years and sold for 2.8 million and moved to LA USA :slight_smile: 630pmTOPview
Before 2007 I actually designed and built several big mansions in RSA with the signature of an Architect and Engineer …
In Canada one can do Architecture without a diploma for residential under 600m2
I designed a home for a Chinese friend of a friend who owned on the largest CD and DVD factories in China. He bought land on the most expensive coast line West Vancouver but then the immigration regulation changed and he finally moved to OZ and resold the land still with a big profit as he had cleared the old property on it already.
I used it afterwards on IG to try to attract interested parties. I would have been a divine mansion three x 2 vertical garaga a patio and pool with a CD shaped shade sale that would come out on a highspeed screw drive system encased into the high ceiling of the lliving room and balcony banisters in stone and glass inspiring from the great wall and an amazing staircase made of lapis marble with LED light and plexi bannister etc…I did paid for the concept
Another amazing person here in the Forum JIM helped me with the staircase and introduced me to Kerkythea and rendering. We are still in touch but he like to write books (I read one not bad all sciencfiction)
OK I guess I may bore you with my creative life stories. I am quite open book about my stuff
and an eternally with big HOPE to still get something of my projects discovered one day. That’s why I am learning Lumion now to try to go better rendering. I have the daughter of a friend in Bulgaria who is helping and teaching me when she can. She just graduated from Interiors and 3D and I know here only online with her mom (one of my ex seamstress) since she was six. She popped up on Skype sometimes when I discussed the wedding dresses her mother sewed for me and then mailed them to me for me to sell.
Ah I love the Internet. She also moved on and runs beauty parlours on river cruise ships in Europe ( not so ideal in the moment with Covit) and hey I also love to write even my English isn’t perfect … I have many unfinished and a few near the end books :slight_smile: I will join Sketchucation I guess you are involved or a member
I trust your advice Well dear “pbacot” Thanks again for your help regards Vic !

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Wow. Quite a post. The Twain quote I was actually thinking of is this (I hope I have it right). “A person that started in to carry a cat home by the tail was getting knowledge that was always going to be useful to him, and warn’t ever going to grow dim or doubtful.”

Looks like you are on a great creative journey wherever you are. The prospects for an architectural career are spotty wherever you are. Some talent, luck, and/or perseverance allows some people to make a living of it. And it also depends on the local building economy.

I’m in Northern California.