How to delete icon in Import Terrain


Hi SU Community,
How to delete icon in Import Terrain???


Ummm, What…?


Do you mean you want to delete the things inside the red boxes? Select the image in the In Model Materials window, right click and choose Edit Texture Image. Use your favorite image editor to modify the image and then save it. the updated image should be displayed in the model.

Here’s an example:

Image as inserted into SketchUp.

After a quick edit and back to SketchUp:


If that’s the text from each imported terrain, you can also turn on hidden geometry, draw a new line to crop the image.


Presumably you mean the Google logo and other credits in the image.

Click … Window > Materials > In Model (little house icon)
There … Right context click on the Google Earth Snapshot > Edit Image

Edit the image and then Save
You’ll find the model image updates automatically.


It’s the copyright statement you are trying to remove.

Be aware that the images are still copy-righted (and the removal of the statement would become more of a problem in case you wanted to redistribute it publicly). All replies here should not be understood as an “official” guide to remove it.

But I agree, it doesn’t look pretty to have them over all imported terrains instead just on the edge of one…