How to "Define component as"

I have two components, both of which are referenced several times in my drawing. They’re both very similar, but they have a critical difference between them:

  • In Component A, a certain part of it is a single plane (which is red).
  • In Component B, that part of it is curved (which is green).

I want both components to have a curved part, but retain their respective colours.

In order to do this, it’s much easier for me to duplicate Component B, make that unique (Component C), change its colour to red, and then define Component A as Component C.

(The alternative would be to modify Component A to have a curved face in the same way as Component B. This is impractical because it takes ages and there are actually multiple Component A’s that I need to modify)

This way, all instances of Component A in my drawing would become Component C.

Is there a way to get this “Define component as” behaviour? Thank you!

if the colour is on the component and not the faces inside, then you can…

select ‘A’

in the component browser, Right Click ‘B’

use replace selected

you will end up with two colours of the same component…

but if you add some images and a skp file it may be easier to know what you mean…


Gotcha - Select Instances followed by Replace Selected did what I wanted it to do. Now I just need to figure out how to Select Instances within components. Thank you!