How to cut element acording to hidden geometry lines

please do you have any tutorial how to cut the tile in two with one of this line to make a color joint??

Turn on hidden geometry, select the edge you want, right click and choose unhide or unsoften depending one which it is.

hello. but you understand it wrong. to make a tile you need sometimes to bevel edges. as effect you have rounded tile. but there are no edges. with sketchup you cannot select them. they are not hidden but they are not editable and not selectable. so the question is why sketchup does not allow to work on such geometry and there is some tool needed to slect it and cut it. and i dont want to soften it. i need to cut it to put a color joint between tiles. this should be the most common way to make tiles but its as i can see unknown here
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If you want a joint with a contrasting grout color, use the idea @DaveR showed to make each tile smaller than the space by the width of the grout line. Set the copies apart by the gap width, just as you would do with real tile. Fill the gap with a narrow object and color it for the grout.

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but this is not realistic. more realistic is to put grout colour on the edges of beveled tile not on the wall…how to select line in sketchup to connect it around the object and then cut the tile in two for 2 surfaces? now i need to bevel the tile then manually unsoften edges to select them and i cannot cut the tile in 2 to put 2 textures for tile and joint/grout.
there is some tool which allows to select and cut this with geometry. do you know the name?
then you have total control over tile texture and grout colour. you dont have to colour the wall and create visual which is not realistic with grout on the wall

it is you have to select all the surfaces around and colour them. why sketchup is not allowing to select line and cut according to this line??? i am using sketchup pro. this is pro? its funny

Simple solution to be found here.

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