How to create rifling on an artillery projectile

Hello guys,

I’m trying to engrave rifling on an artillery projectile such as this one :

There is « ribs » on the exterior surface similar to a barrel rifling.

So far so good I managed to make the basic shape of the projectile using a reference photo and the follow me tool :

For the rifling, I’m trying to cut through with the substract tool, using a rectangular « cookie cutter » but it is not very precise and time consuming.

Do you have tips to use a more efficient method ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

You could just make one and array it.


Thank you so much ! It worked. I took one of the wedge that I had already cut and paste it using the rotate tool. It looks good on the model, but because each wedge doesn’t touch the cylinder perfectly, when I upload my model on shapeways, only a few of the wedges are recognized. Is there a way to overcome this ?

Are you able to use solid tools, you should be able to extend the ‘wedges’ into the projectile and use outershell to make it one piece.