How to create grades in a scene?


I’m creating a layout of a plaza that has a roady, buildings, and so forth. Everything is flat as of right now but I now have to make the road way slant downward so it has about a 10 degree downward slant. Also, next to the road is the pavilion that’s about 20 feet away and it sits on top of a slight knoll or hill. I’m going to guess that the knoll sits maybe 8 feet higher than the road.

I’m still feeling my way through SU so when I drew this, I used layers and put various elements on various layers. Should I have drew the hills and so forth on one layer and then road on another? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


It sounds like you are using SketchUp’s layers incorrectly. In SketchUp, layers do not gather or isolate geometry. They simply provide a bulk setting of visibility or color for a bunch of entities. And visibility does not affect whether entities interact with (“stick to”) each other. Use Groups or Components to isolate collections of entities that make up a “thing”.


I use layers a lot in Adobe products so I agree I’ve discovered that layers appears to be very different in SU. I will check out the groups and components. Any idea about how to make a grade? Thank you.