How to create dimensions for parallel edges not aligned to inferences

excercise no2.skp (91.4 KB)
I’m trying to create a dimension for two parallel edges that are not aligned with any of the inference lines. I can select the two points to measure across but then the dim try’s to align with one of the inferences and gives various incorrect measurements.

File attached. The edges in question bound the orange surface.

Thank you!

No file attached

Sorry. For some reason I can’t figure that out, either

You should be able to drag and drop the file, or use the upload icon on the top of the message box.
If the file is larger than around 16mb you would need to upload to dropbox or similar and attach a link to it.

Should be there now…some progress

Thank you

Do you mean like this?

No. Measuring across the orange surface and perpendicular to the edges - I.e. how wide is the orange surface?

Here’s an example of what it does

My Ipad is charging.
With Pro it can be easier to add an edge at the point you want and use the dimension tool on that.
You can delete the edge after using it.

I will check on my ipad in a little while and offer better if I can.

Great! That’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Appreciate the help!

So did you draw two small edges to use as the dim points?


It seems to me the best option is as I suggested with Pro, create an edge across the face, then drag the dimension off that, don’t tap the ends or the middle, simply touch and pull the dimension from the edge itself. Then delete the edge.

Yep, just got that.

Thanks for your help!!

I don’t use the ipad version as much as I should so it is possible someone with more insight into it will offer a quicker/better option.

@Argyletoo, does the IPad version offer an option to change the axes? If so, an other solutions may be to temporarily set an axis along one of both edges. Doing so could also be helpful in other circumstances.

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Yes, it does and that works. Thank you!

Also, you can rotate the drawing so that the edges are parallel to an inference line and that will work.