How to create animations in order to document my posts with dynamic examples

Hello everyone and happy to meet you again.

I can do a lot of things on Skectchup but having started on Sketchup in 2010 under Google, I have a little trouble finding my way to comply with the best rules and constraints of Trimble. It is not that I do not like them, on the contrary they seem to me much more rigorous which I can only appreciate more.

In order to document my interventions here in a more efficient way (I create Extensions for Sketchup) I would like one of you or several can possibly direct me towards a tutorial or an explanation (animated why not) allowing to re-teach me how to create animations in Sketchup which can then be broadcast (gif file I think - subject).

I would also like to warmly thank Mr Dan Rathbun who has already helped me enormously in order to make my next future extension conform to the best programming practices with Ruby in the Trimble philosophy.

In this regard, could you also tell me which is the latest version of Ruby to use here.

French, but doing my best, I hope you will be forgiving about my English :-).
Last thing, I am under a pro 2020 license.

Thank you for your help.

Patrick alias PB-BZH-Concept

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If you want to tag someone and get their attention, start with “@” and then their screen name as you know it, so @DanRathbun will get notified to your reference.

In the forums, a number of people have used various utilities to create GIF’s if that is what you want. LICEcap is one that I was turned onto by other members here, but there are other utilities.

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From the SketchUp 2020 Ruby console we type …


… and get … 2.5.5

And then …


… and get … 157

So … Ruby 2.5.5-p157 is the latest version of Ruby used with SketchUp 2019.2 and later.

The link to online Ruby core docs is …