How to create a wedge shaped hole in a board/plank/panel?

This question relates to woodworking… Let’s say I create 2 panels and I want to join them (one perpendicular to the other) using a wedged mortise and tenon (actually 2 mortises and 2 tenons). This requires mortises that are wedge shaped - e.g. 12mm x 25mm holes on one side of one of the panels and 12mm x 19mm holes on the opposite side of the same panel.

The best technique I could come up with was to push one of the edges back, then draw the trapezoid shapes on the “new” edge, then, with the 3 new edges (created by the recessed trapezoids), I would pull them out by 3/4” (the thickness of the tenon that will be inserted in the hole) Then create a new panel that’s butted up against the edge with the cutouts. Then join the two panels together by erasing the lines that divide them… except that doesn’t work. When I try to delete one of those lines, I end up deleting one of the faces on the panel.

If I could just attach a 12mm x 250mm (x 12mm thick) panel to the edge where those cutouts are and join the two together, I’d have exactly what I want.

Can anyone tell me the right way to do this? The attached picture should clarify what I’m talking about. The front edge (on the left) is where I pushed it back and made the trapezoidal cutouts The opposite/back edge (on the right) shows how it’s supposed to look - except the mortises and tenons are straight through, with no wedge shape.

Here’s another pic that may clarify things a little further. I can’t seem to join the thin white piece to the larger wood piece.

Could you begin with the straight mortise you show on the right side (using the Push/Pull tool), and then adjust the two interior edges up or down 3mm as required in order to make it a trapezoidal shape?

You could create all the mortises square at first, then select all of the bottom edges and move them up, and then all the upper edges and move them down.

Thanks for the help! I can do that? I can move the edge of a hole in a group/component?

Holy cow! I just tried it and it works! Such a simple solution! It never occurred to me that I could move one edge of a hole. Thank you so much for the help!

When you have a row of mortises like you show you can modify them together, too.


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