How to create a solid for car?

can someone see the attached file.
i’ m trying to create a solid for a car body.
it ’ s the fender.
i tried to create a shape and then i try to close all gaps but it ‘s too long manually.
I tried with curviloft, it’ s not working for me.
thank youtest2.skp (727.3 KB)

You can probably get away with using Curviloft with just the outside perimeter as I did here. I copied the front surface back and then joined the corners. the curved sides were skinned with Curviloft, too.

Can you post a video of what you have done please.

Sorry. I don’t have one. I copied the perimeter edges of your shape, selected the edges and ran Curviloft to create the surface.

ok i tried this.
it looks is what you did but im not sure.
please see the video file

i think this is ok.
Thank you

Looks pretty good except you need to correct the face orientation. Only white front faces should be out. All those blue back faces should be on the inside.

something is not good with my solid, yours looks curved mine is straight.
i dont know how to correct the face orientation and the white front faces out.

I copied the large curved surface with Move/Copy to make a second surface and then connected the two.

Right click on a surface and choose Reverse Faces.