How to create a cloister (dominical) vault

Hi there,

I’m relatively new to Sketchup and trying to model a cloister / dominical vault (good example here: Dome - Wikipedia). I need to have a rectangular based shape, and not squared. Eventually, I will need an irregular based shape, as the walls in the model are not really straight.

I’ve looked at many tutorials and tried every combination of FollowMe without success, so turning to the community for help…

Ps. I thought an easy way to do this was to create 4 “triangular curved” shapes and join them together, but I’m stuck at step 1. How to make a surface of the following element??

Pps. I’m using the Free version.


How about this?

Start square with profile. Follow Me to get the dome, Scale to make it the desired length.


Amazing, thank you!

If you’re doing cloisters, you may want to do something along these lines too.
Although I’ve done this with the desktop version, nothing here can’t be done in web.
Cross vault


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