How to cover this model

cherokee.skp (707.6 KB)
this is the model that I would like to cover if that is even the right term, if any one can help it would be great.


It does not have smooth transitions between parts so any covering would be a problem just as if it was real.

I am just new and there may be a better way but I would think that you could fill in the covering by drawing connecting triangles and the using the soften smooth edges function.

You may want to use additional outlines so that the skin does not touch the frame and you end up with smooth transitions without having bits of frame show through,

On the outside of the wing it looks straight so you could just use the offset and push pull tool

You can extract some contours and use a plugin (e.g. TIGs extrude tools) to create a faceā€¦

The contours in the illustration would probably fill quite OK with the Sandbox from Contours tool too, some cleanup might be required. What the Sandbox tool cannot do is to bridge vertical or inward curving gaps.