How to correct bizarre output from my Makerbot Replicator

I designed a bracket that looks good in Sketchup 2015 Pro and in the Makerbot Desktop app, but what printed out is completely unnceptable. I’ll show you in pictures.

This is what my frame looks like.

In Makerbot Desktop, it looks like this.

Here are some photos of how it printed.

I suspected something was wrong when I saw the raft.

Anyways, I wonder if it has something to do with the platform with the two small holes. You can see in the Sketchup picture that the top surface is dark and also in the Makerbot image, it is not red like the other top surfaces.

If anyone wants to check out my Sketchup file, I can upload it.

At one glance, it looks like some of the faces are reversed. (inside/out)

And yes, I am curious to see your SketchUp file. Thanks!

frame4.skp (1.2 MB)

Attached is the skp file.

If it’s reported as a ‘solid’ in Entity Info [group it]
Then Select a correctly oriented face and Context-menu > Orient.
All other faces will Reverse to match the correctly oriented one.
It a good idea to have the back-face color in your Style a distinctive color from the front - usually blue and off-white respectively.
Of course, if it’s not a ‘solid’ that needs fixing first…
Your SKP has multiple issues…
There are some internal flap/partitions - easily deleted using a Section-Cut to access the insides…
This is now a solid, with correctly oriented faces,
It’s also purged from 1.2Mb down to 110kb frame4.skp (110.0 KB)


Thank you so much for helping me. I am very new to all this, so I don’t understand all that you said, or at least how to fix everything. I will print this right away and let the group know how it went.