How to copy a measurement

I’m simply wondering how to copy a measurement and reuse it. When something measures 22.124567mm and I wanna reuse that measurement elsewhere, currently i have to memorize it and retype it.

I tried right-clicking on the measurement box in the hope of copy and pasting it but all that appears is the status bar setup. Double clicking or clicking do not seem to produce a result either. Is it doable? Or do I really have to memorize and retype all these specific measurements?

Copy/paste does not work for the ‘Measurements’ field, as you have found out.

Dimensions are associated to geometry. They ‘follow’ the geometry.
So to reuse some measure, copy the edge and make it into a group with just the edge as single entity in it. You now have the exact measure in length, not the visible value though.
Could this help you out?

p.s. a single edge can be grouped via menu Edit > Make Group

You can copy and paste the text in the Entity info dialog.

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Indeed it works, and I can then draw a line and modify its entity and paste that value.

Didn’t know that.


Because of the great inference system, there’s neary never a need for copying a value manually…
Do you have an example where you need this?

If you really want to copy and paste, you can always select the item itself and copy/paste it. I often select lines and move them around, rather than entering lengths more than once.

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Taking a measurement and putting it into a parametric extension.