How to convert SU2019 files to SU2017 for Mac?

3d Warehouse no longer provides file formats older than 2019, but I’m still using 2017. Is there a way to convert? I’m on a Mac, so the Eneroth plugin won’t work for me.

Open 3D Warehouse via internet browser and download as Collada file. Usually you will get a .zip file. Unzip it and import the .dae file into SU.


Thanks; that did the trick, although it was a little clumsy. I could probably write a script to automate it.


That could be cool. I bet there’s many hobbyists like yourself who would like it if you were to share it.

Actually, this doesn’t always work. I tried to convert this model: Wood Moulding | 3D Warehouse and the results wound up looking like:

and I couldn’t even repair the wireframes to make them solid again.

In another case, all the smooth edges became hard, and I had to use the Soften/Smooth dialog to make them smooth again.

The faces are actually there in that file. They are all painted with transparent materials. Change the Face Style to Monochrome so the materials aren’t displayed.

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You are right, in some case. I guess mostly with older files the collada not the best one to use.
You can try to open the skp in free web version and save (download) the version 2017 .skp from there.

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Thanks, I had just figured that out, but didn’t think to switch to monochrome. The Collada file didn’t contain any material textures, so that was probably the reason.

Maybe the time has come to bite the bullet and use the web version.

Or maybe just model things like these molding profiles yourself. They aren’t difficult to make and presumably you are modeling for your own use in the shop so you could create custom molding profiles if you want.

OK, that was 10x easier than I thought, so I’ll call it the solution. Some sort of importer plugin or an offline tool would have been better, but I can work with this.

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