How to control texture size of group?

I don.t understand what controls the size of texture applied to groups.

I have these two groups, same material, but somehow texture size is varying. I need them both big, as the bottom prism.

Where can I control the size of the mapping of groups independently to correct this?

groups.skp (9.1 MB)

I have no idea why these two groups have different sized mapping, they should both have same size by default…

The bottom prism is scaled, and the texture scales with it.

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Ah, did not think groups kept scaling info, seems counter intuitive, as thats what components are for.

Thanks. I can explode and re-group. :+1:

Any way to automatically redefine current scale for group as default? Instead of having to explode and group each group in my model, can I just say, ‘hey, this is the new scale’ ?

Edit: I just found ‘scale definition’ might work with groups

That’s NOT what components are for.

Yeah, one of its functions is to define the object at a given state, when you can apply operation to it such as scaling and rotating, but you can always reset it back to its original state.

Its the way blocks/components work in most cad programs.

Main function of groups on the other hand is to organize model and stop faces from merging.

I wonder where you learned that bogus information.

I wonder whats your argument to assert its bogus. What I mentioned is, in fact, one of the features of components. Or can you not reset the scale of components? It just happens groups, for some reason, also have it.

Components, which behave as instances of objects, aka blocks, are present in many CAD software. The behavior of resetting geometry back to its definition is more akin to components than groups, where you define an original geometry with an original scale with an axis. And in fact, components in other software such as Rhino, C4D and AutoCAD have this feature too, while groups do not!

Groups simply group geometry, they do not define anything. But in SU everything gets jumbled.

That’s true in 99% 3d packages out there, but not in Sketchup.
In Sketchup you have to think about groups as if they were “forever unique” blocks/instances.