How to connect side panel at an angle

I’m designing a corner cabinet which had a back 58” long and a front that is 38” wide. How does one connect the sides from the back corner to the front corner. The sides which will mirror each other will be at an approximate 60º angle to the back.

Typically if I was doing something like that I would make a component of the side, copy it and then use Flip along to mirror the copy.

My problem is getting the angle precise. The front panel is 20” narrower than the back. I drew a guide line 10” from each edge of the back panel. I did make a component of one of the sides and copied and dragged to the opposite side. Each side was at 90º to the back. I want to connect the front edge of the side panel to the 10” guide line while leaving the back edge of the side panel in place. Does this explain it better?

You probably should be working from the center line of the case. Set a guideline through the center of the front and then work off that.

Generally speaking, if you are modelling something that is symmetrical, it is often best to concentrate on drawing one half of the mirror image and make it a Component. That way, any change you make only need be done once as it will be reflected in the mirrored side automatically.

You can use this technique even when one side is subtly different. You can then either make one side Unique or you can explode it and combine it with the other side (once all the mirrored geometry has been drawn).