How to connect one object to another?

Hi everybody

I can`t find a simple solution how to connect object 1 to object 2. The stair step edge has to stay where is the guideline. Also what is the best solution to copy those steps in to the next positions?

Stairbeam.skp (919.7 KB)

Hello! If you want the edge to stay on the guideline, your only solution is to Pushpull Object 2 through Object 1 like this:

Another method:
Your second stair is covering the first one by 61.3 mm. If you move it to the right, you won’t have to Pushpull Object 1.

And to copy the stairs you can do this:

(Look at the Measurements Box.) Good luck! :thumbsup:

Your tread-to-tread angle needs to be the same angle as your stringer … otherwise the geometry will never work out in a happy fashion:

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I’d recommend using a method that follows the slope of the stair carriage.

Perhaps something like this.


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