How to connect edges of a circle to another circle to form a curved surface?

I’m trying to connect the bottom edge of the top cylinder with the smaller circle on the bottom to make a curved surface. Any idea of how to do so?

Hi @tomed21

Have a look at this recent reply to a similar question…

Please provide some more details about what you mean by “curved”. Are you aiming for a conic shape, or something more complicated? In any case, the lathing technique @Geo referenced is probably the right way.

Yes, a conic shape is what I’m looking for. Any tips? I’m currently looking at @Geo’s post right now. Thank you.

@Geo @slbaumgartner Thank you for the fast answers, by the way.


Ensure your circles have an edge count that’s divisible by 4 [the default 24s is OK]
PushPull the bottom of the larger cylinder so it’s level with the bottom of the 'rod.
Now select the circle forming the outer perimeter of the relocated bottom face.
Scale it.
Snap the axial nodes onto the rod’s perimeter.
You need to do that twice - once in each X/Y red/green axes.
Now the form is ‘conical’.

An alternative way of making this is to draw a flat circle forming the top face and a flat 2d vertical face defining the profile you want sweeping.
Then select the upper flat circle and then run FollowMe.
Choose the vertical profile face and it is extruded around the top circle, forming the conical form.
You might need to select the conical surface and use the context-menu to reverse it if it is extruded in-side-out…

Just a thought… you could push/pull three sections, then use scale (with the modifier key to scale around the center) to stretch the shape into cones…

Thanks, but not exactly what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

If you work with dimensions, then just take the Push/Pull hit Ctrl, pull down the small circle to the desired length,then right click onto the lower circle-Entity info and change the radius to the desired radius. Then what is left is to delete the upper inner face which was created when you pressed Ctrl.
Otherwise, just use the Curviloft plugin.

Maybe you could give us a better description of what you are trying to draw. Is it something that exists already? Perhaps you could upload an image of it.

I deciphered your original post to mean you want something like this but I’m guessing it’s not what you want, either.

Thank you all. However, I have solved the problem. Thank you so much for your help!

That’s quite close, the only thing that would need to change is the shape of the arcs. They should face inward instead of outward. Thanks for your help!

Slowly, slowly we get a useful description of what you are trying to do. Glad you got it solved.

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