How to connect AutoCAD with Layout?

Please can anybody tell me how to connect AutoCAD with Layout. As the attached photos showed after I insert some details into Layout and intend to change the text (as circled on the top left hand corner), is there any way to make the same text in Layout changed associated with that in AutoCAD. Thanks so much!

There may be a better way, but logic suggests that you could import the ACAD dwg file into SketchUp, create scenes to express desired details, and finally send the scene(s) to LayOut.

Thanks for your response. However when I import this detail into SketchUp, all the texts missed (as shown on photo attached).

My bad…I neglected to mention that ACAD text does not export into SU. You will need to either assemble text as part of your SU model before sending to LO, or add the text to the LO scenes.

Because I no longer use AutoCAD, Revit, or VectorWorks (each of which was previously employed in my design firm) and migrated to SU/LO exclusively some years ago, I usually annotate LayOut files as part of an established condoc workflow procedure.

Hi Robert89, file referencing to the native AutoCAD file was not implemented with this release. If additional modifications are necessary inside AutoCAD (instead of making the changes in LayOut), you would need to re-insert the file.


No worries. But I’m afraid that would not be our best way to follow. Thank you all the same for giving advices to me. Looking forward to receiving your other good ideas.

Hi Trent, thanks for your response and answer. Alright I’m gonna quit doing that through this version of Layout.

Please clarify how you access LayOut when your profile identifies you as a SketchUp Free user?

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Thank you for response. I’ve bought one year license and can acquire the absolutely use of SketchUp 2018. The question is about function not the permit of use.


Then you should correct your profile to reflect this. Profile info is often helpful to other users when responding to specific issues.

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